... I am a mama to two amazing little souls and wife to a wonderful husband.

... I was born and raised in Germany and moved to the US to work as an Au Pair in 2008. So the love for babies and motherhood has always been there.

... I am 100% an introvert and will choose a snuggly night on the couch over a night out in town any day

... When reading through my old journals I discovered that apparently I wanted to become a midwife when I grew up. Guess I should have listened to that a decade ago :)

... My husband is 1 of 6 children and we have 14 nieces and nephews. Raising my babies as part of a big family is my absolute favorite

meet Lisa


I was born and raised in Germany and my husband is American so our house is filled with a nice mix of 'Germlish"

we are raising our babies bilingual


Ever since I was a little girl I was OBSESSED with all things baby and birth (ask my parents it's slightly embarrassing haha). I thought I had to go the corporate route first before staying true to myself, but boy does it feel good to follow your heart.

I have been birth obsessed since I am 6 years old


When I was growing up, my mom used to say "There is no bad weather, just bad clothing." And we still try to live by this rule. Even though it's hard sometimes to get everybody dressed and out the door, it is soo worth it. For the kids' sanity and ours...

Planning a hike or a fishing trip? - Count us in! We love the outdoors


Let's capture some memories